How to Choose a House Painting Contractor

There are many house painting contractors out there and they all want to paint your home! How do we choose the right paint contractor that will do a great job and is trustworthy? Many contractors have switched their trades over the years due to a lack of work and chose to become contractors in order to be able to work as painters. They decide to become house painters without any knowledge, and then they bid for the job to get work. The homeowner gets a job done with cheap paint that looks good for the time but does not provide the long-lasting results they desire.

Referring to local paint stores and asking for references is the best way to find a competent house painter that will do a good job and use high-quality paint. Research paint brands to make sure you are choosing the right paint. PPG Porter Paints is one example. PPG is a leader in the coatings market and produces some of the most high-quality coatings and paints. Silken Touch is available in all sheens and has a lifetime guarantee. It can also be touched up easily, washes well, and covers well. Porter Paint is a great place to start your search for a house painter. I talk to them and get their recommendations. I was given three contacts to help me find a painting contractor that would work in my home. They also gave me recommendations on the best paint for me, and I decided to go with Silken Touch.

Once I have their names, I call them all and make appointments to meet at my home. I evaluate them on how quickly they can be available, how punctual they are, and how accommodating they are to me. Are they open to listening and asking questions? Are they able to talk about quality paints, and how long they have been in business? Make sure they are insured and bonded. After evaluating each contractor, I compare their bid prices and then choose the house painter I prefer. After doing my research, I’ve already chosen the paint that I want to use in my home. I then instruct the painting contractor Miami on the brand of paint and ensure it is included in the quote. The staff at the paint store will always recommend quality contractors you can trust, and this has worked well for me in the past. Five years later, my house was sold and I could see that the paint job looked great because I had used top-quality paint.

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